• Intuitive

  • Non-intimidating

  • No need for great dexterity

  • Upload photos, music and films

  • Create interactive digital memory journals

  • Secure access for family, friends and carers

  • Manage the memjo device

The Memjo app has been built and optimised to run on low cost computer tablets. It has been designed and tested by people living with dementia.

Functionality has been designed around easy to use touchscreens

We have deliberately not included complex finger gestures such as pinching or swiping that people who’ve never used technology before might not be familiar with.

There is no need to remember icons or complex navigation, and the device is locked down so that it is not possible to delete or change anything by mistake.

Everything is designed to be unintimidating for anyone who’s never used a computer, tablet or smartphone.

There is no need for any passwords or PINs, security is managed by location tracking.

Can cope with slow WiFi connections as content stored locally and downloaded in the background automatically.

Option to connect via mobile network so no need to have broadband or WiFi.

All data is held on our secure website and data is encrypted and stored on servers located in UK/EEA data centres. A single subscription gives access to an unlimited number of family and friends, allowing anyone to easily share memories and family news.

It can be configured to send alerts to carers or care homes when new content is posted.

We support photos, music, videos and voice recordings, and these can all be combined to create interactive digital memory journals.

In this way you can create the story of someone’s life, record family events such as birthdays and weddings, create text and voice reminders and send digital postcards.

Simple layout with big buttons that are easy to select. Full control over colours and layout

Create personal memory journals with interactive features and even play music associated with each picture

Create playlists of favourite music.

Screen is always turned on to remind people to use it. Can be configured with home screen to show dementia-friendly clock, reminders, messages, etc.

Send electronic postcards that appear automatically

New quizzes and reminiscence material created every month

Seasonal reminiscence material provided every month.

Families can personalise the device – here is part of playlist created for French woman living in English Care Home.

Upload photos, music, videos to create interactive memory journals

Give access to family and friends to add material and notify carers when device is updated.