One size fits nobody

Many Apps designers are taught to work to a principle of "Design for all" meaning that the best apps are designed to be used by everyone. Sometimes though I think it can seem likes those "One size fits all" clothes. Which normally means unless you're large the garment swamps you - it has to be [...]

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Creating Memjo

The story of Memjo starts at SyncTheCity; a 54-hour startup business event organised by the University of East Anglia and SyncNorwich. This event brings together students, developers and business people to some together, share business ideas and then form teams around the ideas voted the best by everyone attending. One of the ideas really caught [...]

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Invictus Games for people living with dementia

Having just watched some of the Invictus Games (the sport's event created by Price Harry for wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans) it got me thinking. The motto of the Games is "I am" which you'll see highlighted withing the letters of Invictus Games. The point of "I am" is [...]

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