personal memjo for families

  • Runs on your own Android or iPad tablet computer, or we can supply suitable device and accessories including stands, anti-theft cables, wireless charging and ruggedised cases

  • Monthly subscription that includes:

    • Unlimited access for family and carers
    • Monthly update of new content, including music, film clips, quizzes and reminiscence material
    • Reminders
    • Receive digital postcards

memjo for care organisations

  • Monthly subscription for running group and 1-to-1 reminiscence activities

    • Curated material, including seasonal
    • Ability to tune to meet local requirements and ethnic minorities
  • Supplied with device and technology to cast to television screen for running group sessions in day rooms

  • Longer running material such as films and music playlists that can be left running

  • Onboarding technical support, such as tuning for poor Wi-Fi coverage