Everything you need to get someone you love online

A complete technology package designed for someone who has never used a computer before.

  • A touchscreen, tablet computer
  • Pre-configured to work out of the box without a ridiculous setup process
  • Simple to use software designed for anyone who’s never used a computer before
  • Unlimited telephone support that includes weekly lessons
  • Everything you need to keep in touch using email, social media and video calling
  • Pre-loaded with games, quizzes and music
  • Easy way of watching the vast library of films and TV shows available on the internet
  • Secure and protected against viruses, scams and fraudsters

No Communication Limits

No WiFi? No problem! Pick our mobile package that connects to the internet via the mobile phone network. Included is uncapped 4G internet access so there are no limits to how much you use it. We’ll even make sure it’s using the network with the best coverage at your home address.

Fantastic Apps Available


Games, quizzes and music. Every week we’ll add apps and activities and provide a telephone lesson every week for the first ten weeks to show you how it works.

Risk-free subscription


No payment necessary until you have the device, have used if for a month and happy that it is working. Return before 30-days (free shipping) and you will have nothing to pay. Monthly charges apply which can be cancelled at any time.

The Apps You Need


The tablet will be setup with an email account for you, plus Skype for video calling. Plus your choice of social media apps, such as whatsapp and facebook. Telephone support is provided and we will add apps for you as you gain confidence.

Simple Interaction Experience


We’ve designed screens that need no complex finger gestures, like pinching and swiping. We’ve tuned the touchscreen for fingers that maybe stiffer or drier than they once were. There’s no strange icons to understand. And you can’t break it by fiddling with the settings, as all that is controlled remotely by us and your family.

You will love it.

At last! A computer for anyone not tech-savvy. With unlimited telephone support we can get anyone online using the internet and social media.

The complete coronavirus technology package

Designed around you

The simple way of getting online for someone who’s never used a computer before. We make it easy.

Everything you need

to survive the lockdown by staying in touch with family and friends, and accessing all the music, films and TV from across the internet.

10” touchscreen, tablet computer with Dolby speakers. Charging Stand. Easy to use screens. Unlimited telephone support. Ten telephone lessons to walk you through how to use it. Website to give family and friends access to control the setup.

Access to the Internet included

Have WiFi internet access already? Let us know the details and we’ll setup the tablet to connect out of the box.

No WiFi? We’ll supply a device with a SIM card inside to connect to the mobile phone network. We’ll even ensure it’s on the network with the best coverage for your home.

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