What is included?2020-06-04T12:06:19+01:00

Everything you need to get connected to the Internet. We’ll provide a 10″tablet computer and charging stand. If you pick the mobile pack the tablet computer will also have a SIM card inside to connect to the internet via the mobile phone network. Our packs are especially for people who have never used a computer before and would like friendly support to guide them through using it.

How will I be supported?2020-06-04T12:07:25+01:00

You will be provided with a freephone 0800 telephone number you can call for support. Plus we’ll schedule a weekly phone call with you to take you through the features. During this time we’ll be able to see what you are seeing on your screen and guide you through using any apps. We’ll also add apps during this call each week as you grow in confidence.

What about Security?2020-06-02T16:53:44+01:00

Because all the software is controlled by us centrally we can make sure you are not able to load any nasty stuff like viruses or malware by mistake. Your device will be loaded with security software to keep it safe and during your weekly support session we’ll show you how to use any functionality when we add it, so you don’t have to worry about scary options you don’t understand.

How do I pay?2020-06-02T16:58:16+01:00

Our device have a risk-free 30-day trial. That means you pay nothing until you’ve been using it for 30-days. When you sign up we’ll arrange a telephone appointment to talk you through the devices and check what apps you want pre-loaded. Then we’ll send it to you fully pre-configured. Once you’ve be using it for 30-days we’ll send you an invoice for the device, which you can pay by cheque, debit card, credit card or paypal. We’ll also set up your monthly subscription which you can pay by standing order or direct debit. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

What if I don’t have WiFi?2020-06-04T11:54:58+01:00

Choose our mobile pack and we’ll supply a tablet computer that already has a SIM card inserted that connects to the mobile phone network. We’ll check the main address where you plan to use the device to check network coverage, and supply a SIM card for the network with the best coverage.

What if there’s no mobile phone coverage where I live?2020-06-04T11:57:39+01:00

If you’re unhappy with the device after you start using just return to to us within 30-days and you’ll have nothing to pay. Alternatively we can help you get broadband and WiFi installed at your home, and talk you through how to plus in a use a broadband router, but we’d recommend using our mobile pack wherever possible as we want you to just turn on and use your device without any setup.

What happens after I place an order?2020-06-04T12:01:20+01:00

You will not have anything to pay until you have been using the device for 30 days. No deposit, no post and package, nothing. Just place an order and we’ll give you a call to go through your details and personalise the setup of your device. You’ll not be asked for anything complex, it’s about which apps you want installed to start with, would you like any music or films pre-loaded and what kind of games are you interested in. We’ll then prepare and deliver the device to you.